Affordable Individual & Family Dental Plans for Those Without Insurance

For those who need dental care, but are unable to access dental insurance, it can be hard to beat the cost of routine cleanings and preventative maintenance. The consequences of not having access to required dental care can be dangerous.

Fortunately, dental providers such as Reign Dental, are aware of the problems of people with no dental insurance and have moved forward with a few initiatives to make things simpler for their patients. However, you need to diligently follow measures to ensure proper oral habits and good dental hygiene in order to control your dental care costs.

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Alternatives to 'No Dental Insurance'

In the absence of dental coverage, you’re more likely to avoid going to the dentist, causing minor problems become serious concerns. Moreover, dental care isn’t about simply having a beautiful smile and good breath. It’s essential for the overall health your entire family. The National Association of Dental Plans(NADP) reports that people having no dental insurance report higher occurrences of other ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Quality dental care should not cost you a fortune. Regardless of the reason, before it's time to get dental care, you should be aware of the individual & family dental plan alternatives given here to help you pay.

Discount Dental Plans

As an alternative to dental insurance, you can choose from various discount dental plans. These programs offer an ideal balance of cost-effectiveness and superior dental care from a network of meticulously selected dental professionals. The characteristic features of discount dental plans include:

  • The participants are required to pay a yearly fee to approach a network of dentists who provide services at reduced prices.
  • Discount dental plans normally enable you to pay less than total cost for preventive services including cleanings and x-rays and others like root canals and orthodontia.
  • Discount plans may include reduced charges for services that aren't offered at all under standard insurance, for example, cosmetic dentistry.
  • The beauty of discount dental plans is they can be adapted to meet your particular coverage requirements and allow you the option to sign up for both family and individual plans.
  • There aren't any waiting periods and you get quick access to the deals you're eligible for.
  • Discount plans may include freebies. A lot of them come loaded with prescription benefits, vision plans, and even complimentary access to orthodontics discounts.

You should select the most suitable plan for performing comprehensive research and comparison on each provider's discount dental plan features.


Going without insurance is usually applied to those lacking subsidized employer program. Instead of paying office rates, these people negotiate straight with dentists for services, frequently receiving greater discounts because they pay cash.

Pay-as-you-go can lead to welcome savings, especially if any component of your dental bills can be worked out for income tax purposes or compensated using a medical savings account. Moreover, if you are a young adult or a couple without children or major dental problems, you may regard pay-as-you-go much affordable than both dental insurance and a discount plan. However, individuals with a history of dental problems will possibly incur bigger costs by going this route.

'No Insurance' Dental Plans by Reign Dental

Reign Dental offers some of the most affordable dental plans under its “Reigny Day Special” membership plans. When you choose a suitable Reigny Day membership plan, you save over $1400 compared to average dental insurance/ AARP in the first year! The Reigny Day Special membership plans are categorized into:

  • Individual Dental Plans
  • Family Dental Plans
Plans At a Glance: There is a $10 enrollment fee
Reign Day Plan Annual Membership Fees
Single $299 (savings of $250 off our normal fees)
Dual* $575 (savings of $575 off our normal fees)
Family**(3) $752 (savings of $720 off our normal fees)
Family**(4) $917 (savings of $1295 off our normal fees)
Each Additional $110 (per person)

* The dual plan is for parent/child or husband/wife only.

** The family plan includes family members and children under 18 or children who are enrolled in college full-time until the age of 23.

Following are inclusive in our basic plan for $299:

  • 1 Comprehensive Exam
  • 1 Annual Exam
  • 1 Emergency Exam (exhaustible anytime during the year)
  • 2 Cleanings (Prophylaxis or Periodontal Care)
  • 2 Oral Cancer Screenings'
  • Fluoride Tooth Desensitizing Care
  • 4 Bitewing X-rays
  • Any extra X-rays required throughout the year
  • Full Mouth Program of X-rays or Panorex
  • 20% OFF Extra Cleanings, Core Buildups, Oral Surgery, Dental Sealants, Fillings

Plan membership fee, remunerated only during enrollment are considered valid. Patient’s part of the bill is payable the day of service. Procedure fees left unpaid during service will be billed at regular and customary fees.

With Reign Dental you receive the best dental care at a cost you can afford. So, contact us today at (253) 927-5501 (Milton  Office) or (206) 946-6471 (Shoreline office) and schedule an appointment to know more about our affordable individual & family dental plan and services.


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