Are My Dentures Worn Enough for Replacement?

Dentistry has undergone a sea of changes in recent times and as a result of this, today's modern dentistry has remarkable technologies. Dentures are one of those dental treatments that have greatly evolved with time. Earlier, dentures were recommended to people who had lost all the hope to repair their damaged teeth. Those dentures were not fully customized, so they were ill-fitting and did not even add to the appearance. They were loose and rough. But today, modern dentures have improved a lot in quality with continuous research and innovation. Dentures can be partial dentures or complete dentures. When you have a few missing teeth, the gaps are filled with artificial teeth that come with a flexible plastic frame. This is an example of partial dentures. Now, certain dentures are also available which remain fixed and constant and can be removed only by the dentists. These types of partial dentures are recommended based on the oral conditions of the patients. Whereas, a complete denture set is commonly suggested for elderly people who have lost most of their teeth in both the rows. A customized set of teeth is designed depending upon the size and shape of the mouth of the patient and then, it is tested for the fit. Sometimes, dentists try 3-4 different casts to finalize the best fit. Once you start wearing dentures, you may feel discomfort while eating, chewing and speaking at the beginning, but soon, all these feelings and consciousness will subside on their own. Your dentures will become your part of life. After wearing the dentures throughout the daytime, they are kept in cleaning solution overnight. Many patients, who are using dentures, usually think that their dentures are going to last for lifetime which is totally a misconception- a myth. Sometimes, dentures can last for a really long time, but for others; the dentures will need to be replaced in 5 years. Actually, many patients, especially the elderly, experience changes in their face, jaw, muscles, tissues and bones over a period of time. But the dentures remain the same. This is why fitting issues or discomfort start arising when dentures become too old.

Here are few important signs that will help you know if your dentures need replacement:

  • Sore mouth and gum tissues
  • Difficulty in chewing food
  • Indigestion
  • Denture fallout
  • Fading color
  • Odor
  • Tissues are getting soft
  • Bone loss
  • Headaches, neck or ear pain etc.

If you notice any of these changes in the dentures, or experience pain or discomfort with your dentures, it's time to see a dentist very soon. Your dentures as well as the attached tissues should undergo an annual test. Address any problems early on or else your problems may worsen if treatment is delayed.

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