10 Miraculous Reasons to Smile More Often

A happy thought or remembering something funny that brings a smile to your face, not only affects you but will also have a positive impact on those around you. Do you know that apart from social benefits, smiling can also improve your health? Many people are unaware of the health benefits of smiling.

Let's discover the surprising benefits of smiling:

Miraculous Benefits of Smiling

You don't realize the impact a smile can have on the world around you until you make a conscious effort to take notice. Smile at someone and watch how their mood changes.

  1. It's Contagious!

    It's been proven that if you walk up to someone and smile at them, odds are that they will smile back. So smile at everyone you see. It's contagious. Smile at a stranger and see what happens. According to a study, seeing a smiling face activates the area controlling the facial movements that lead to a smile.

  2. Stronger Relationships

    People who smile a lot tend to have stronger relationships that are based on trust, loyalty, and companionship. A study found that smiling makes you more likable and pleasant to be around, which helps in building better relationships.

  3. Improves Your Mood

    A study shows that smiling improves your mood and encourages feelings of well-being and tranquility. Even if you're having a bad day, a quick smile from a friend can improve your mood and brighten your world.

  4. Brightens the Room

    When you walk into a room with a big smile on your face, the entire area seems to become brighter and more alive.

Health Benefits of Smiling

You will never know the health benefits of smiling until you to try to discover each one.

  1. Improves Immune Function

    The phrase “laughter is the best medicine” has been around for years. A study confirms the effects of smiling on hospitalized children. Laughing and smiling relaxes the body, allowing it to function more efficiently. People who laugh a lot have a stronger, more efficient immune system.

  2. You Live Longer

    A study correlated smile intensity with longevity. Smiling encourages positive emotions and a strong sense of well-being, both of which are known to increase longevity. The more you smile, the more positive your environment, which is another key to living longer.

  3. Relieves Pain

    According to a study, when you smile or laugh, your pain tolerance increases. When you laugh, natural painkillers start to be released, reducing the severity of the pain you feel after an injury. This also works for chronic pain, as well.

  4. Relieves Tension and Stress

    A study found that positive facial expressions when stressed have many benefits. When you smile, your mind starts to think of happier things. This relieves tension and stress, allowing the body to relax on a muscular level. The longer you smile the more stress you release giving you a chance to think more clearly and focus on the task at hand.

  5. Helps You Relax

    Smiling helps you to relax. As the stress of the day starts to dissipate, the muscles can begin to release tension and the mind can begin to wander. To truly relax means to let go of the thoughts of the day and focus on the peace and quiet that surrounds you.

  6. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

    People, who smile more, often have lower blood pressure than those who carry a lot of stress and frustration throughout the day. According to a study, when you smile, you allow yourself to relax, which takes additional pressure off of the heart, allowing it to work more efficiently.

Smiling is a great way to boost your health as well as your mood!

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