Dental Insurance for Crowns in Washington

You need a good amount of research to find the most affordable dental insurance for crowns in Washington. When looking around for a plan, don't forget to consider the exact costs involved with each different policy, with regards to premiums, deductibles, waiting periods, and co-insurance copays.

When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

A dental crown, also called a cap is among the most popular dental restorations that are usually advisable for the following reasons:
  • To restore the shape, size and look of a deformed, discolored or broken tooth
  • To strengthen a weak tooth
  • For protecting root canals, implants, or supporting teeth present on either side of a dental bridge
Crowns can be created using porcelain (a dental ceramic), metal or an aggregation called porcelain-fused-to-metal. Dental crown costs vary according to the materials used, condition, location and tooth size, local rates, and the dentist's skill set. The average cost can vary between $600 to $1,500 per crown in Washington state.

What Are the Dental Insurance Options for Crowns in Washington?

Dental insurance for crowns typically include the expenses for dental crowns if it is meant for medical reasons. However, dental crowns are normally not included if they are for cosmetic reasons, and several dental insurance plans allow a maximum annual coverage of $1,000-$1,500.

Here is a list of the top four dental insurance companies in Washington:

  1. Delta Dental of Washington - Delta Dental provides quality dental plans at the most competent prices for individuals and families. It has a vast network of over 145,000 dentists and 292,000 office locations nationwide.
  2. MetLife - Dental insurance plans from MetLife for individuals and families are provided at affordable costs. The company includes a nationwide network of more than 190,000 dentist office locations.
  3. Premera - Premera and its subsidiaries like Premera Blue Cross provide a diverse range of health insurance services that includes dental insurance for a wide range of dental procedures.
  4. Guardian - Guardian dental insurance ranks among the most extensive dental insurance provider networks. There are more than 83,000 providers in over 171,000 locations nationwide.

Dental Plans that Cover Crowns with No Waiting Period

As an alternative to conventional dental insurance, different dental savings plans offer their members savings on a comprehensive range of dental procedures including crowns.

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Shoreline dental care Reign Dental offers the “Reigny Day' Dental Savings Plan for both families and individuals to people without insurance. You are good to go for quality dental care at affordable prices when you enroll in our Reigny Day Plan.

Reign Dental

Reign Dental is one of the most sought after dental care providers in Seattle area to offer complete dental care. We are among a few dental clinics that provide a wide range of dentistry services including oral & maxillofacial surgery, TMJ treatment, Botox, orthodontics, periodontics and all other advanced dental solutions. Highly professional dentists working with us specialize in dental implants, bone grafting, smile makeover and oral surgery. We are well-known for our safe and patient-specific care approach. We offer affordable and quality dental care services. We make sure that our customers walk out of our clinic with a big beautiful smile.

Shoreline Family Dental Care

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