Improve Your Smile This Christmas with Reigny Day Special Plans

Your smile is one of the first things someone will notice about you. Having a big smile on your face gives you several advantages in life. When you smile, you appear more approachable, confident, and capable to others.

Importance of Having a Good Smile

It is important to have a beautiful smile on your face because it will tell people that you are a friendly person worth getting to know. It will make gaining social connections easier. Studies have shown that people who smile confidently succeed in their careers and relationships because they easily open up and engage with others.

Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

Some of the benefits of smiling beautifully at others are:

1. Higher Self-Esteem

Your smile is undoubtedly the first thing people note about you. When you have a great smile, your self-esteem is boosted, and you will find yourself engaging more actively in social interactions.

2. Professional Success

A confident smile is also beneficial for a successful career. A study found that people who smile confidently at their job interviews are 45% more likely to get the job.

3. Better Personal Relationships

Though appearance is not the only factor we look in a partner or friend, first impressions do matter. A beautiful and radiant smile that reflects your inner beauty and confidence will certainly boost your relationships.

Our Reigny Day Special Dental Savings Plan

Do you need dental care and have no insurance to cover the cost? No need to worry. With Christmas around the corner, we at Reign Dental have a special gift to make quality dental care affordable for both you and your family. In our Reigny Day Special Dental Savings Plan, you can enroll in any of the single, dual, family (3) or family (4) plan as you need. Each additional person enrolled will cost an additional $110.

The basic plan costs $379, and includes:

  • One annual exam
  • One comprehensive exam
  • One emergency exam which can be used during any time of the year.
  • Two oral cancer screenings
  • Two cleanings (Periodontal Maintenance)
  • Fluoride Tooth Desensitizing Treatments
  • 4 Bitewing X-rays
  • Any additional X-rays, if needed, throughout the year
  • Full Mouth Series of X-rays
  • 20% Off on Dental Sealants, Additional Cleanings, Core Buildups, Fillings, Oral Surgery, etc.

Here are the details of the services included in our Reigny Day Special Dental Savings Plan.

Each of these services will be offered at a discounted price to those who enroll in the plan.

1. Full Treatment Invisalign

Full treatment Invisalign or six months of orthodontics is offered at a discount of $500 for members.

2. Express Invisalign

This treatment is offered at a $250 off in the original price for members.

3. Dental Sealants, Additional Cleanings, Core Buildups, Fillings, Oral Surgery

Members will get all the services mentioned above at 20% off.

4. Crowns, Veneers

Members will be entitled to 15% off on veneers and crowns.

5. Root Canals, Implants, Partials, and Dentures

Members will get 15% off on root canals, implants, partials, and dentures.

6. Whitening

Tooth whitening services will be provided free to all new members of the plan.

One of the primary benefits of enrolling with the Reigny Day Special Dental Savings Plan is that your annual membership fees for this plan is lower than your yearly dental insurance premium.So, this Christmas, visit us and enroll yourself and your family members for Reigny Day Special Dental Savings Plan. Save money on quality dental care and use your saved money for Christmas gifts to your loved ones instead. Have a wonderful and fun-filled Christmas with your family with this additional saving.

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