New Dental Filling Material That’s Two Times More Long Lasting

Dental fillings are popularly used to treat cavities. If you have any fillings, you may believe that the repair will last forever. However, fillings have a limited lifespan, depending on the category of filling and your oral hygiene. A new dental filling material and an advanced adhesive to secure your fillings in place could now ensure that your fillings last longer than ever before. The new dental filling material has been developed from a compound, which is known to provide additional strength to car bumpers and safeguard wood decks.

The Latest Breakthrough in Dental Filling Material

The scientists from the Oregon Health and Science University’s (OHSU) School of Dentistry in Portland, Oregon, have developed a filling material that’s twice more resilient than ordinary fillings.

According to a publication by the journal, Scientific Reports, the U.S. research team has discovered a highly durable dental filling material and has also formulated a unique adhesive to secure your fillings in place. The new filling uses the additive thiourethane, which is also found in protective coatings for cars and decks. Also, the new adhesive is considered 30 percent more durable, after six months of use than the current ones that are used to hold fillings in place. The new adhesive, in combination with the composite, is designed to make longer-lasting dental restorations.

Carmem Pfeifer, D.D.S., Ph.D., the corresponding author of the research that is published in Scientific Reports and Dental Materials, is an associate professor of restorative dentistry (biomaterials and biomechanics) at the OHSU School of Dentistry. He has reported that nowadays, dental restorations usually last only 7 to 10 years before they are worn out. They collapse under the pressure of chewing or develop gaps between the filling and the tooth, which allows bacteria to invade in and form a new cavity. Whenever this happens, the tooth being restored becomes increasingly weak, and what occurs as a minor cavity may result in root canal damage, tooth loss, or even severe infections.

Pfeifer, further added that stronger dental materials imply patients won’t need to get fillings fixed or replaced as often. This will not just save them money but prevent future problems and extensive treatments.

The adhesive mentioned in the Dental Materials research uses a unique polymer known as methacrylamides which is highly resistant to damage by water, bacteria, and enzymes in the mouth than the typical adhesives presently used in dentistry.

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