Dental Phobia: What, Why and How

Visiting a dentist does not have to be aggravating at all. Most people visit a dentist once a year to stay away from dental ailments.

What is Dental Phobia?

Dental phobia is an extreme fear of going to the dentist. Word of mouth plays an important role in developing a dental-related fear amongst people. Fears could be due to the unpleasant experiences. Children often develop dental fears because they witness the bad experiences of their siblings and elders.

Why the Fear?

Fears stem from uncertainty. If a person has never had to undergo a root canal or other dental procedure, the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. For children, the fear can be paralyzing, especially when older brothers and sisters exaggerate their sometimes painful experiences at the dentist's office.

Top 3 Causes of Dental Phobia and How to Fight Them best dental treatment in shoreline

    • Fear of Dental Instruments — For some, just the sight of dental instruments is worse than watching a horror movie all alone. First things first, keep your eyes shut. Just relax, sit back, take a deep breath and trust your dentist. They charge you money to provide you the best dental treatment. Your comfort is their priority. They won’t harm you by any chance.


    • Self-Consciousness — You might be worrying too much about how your mouth might smell, how crooked your teeth might look, what if your tongue looks too ugly and so on. It doesn’t matter at all. Your dentist is probably the only person on earth who would happily accept you with your worse mouth conditions. They are trained to do that.


  • Algophobia — It is a condition where the fear of pain is much more overpowering when compared to normal people. In this case, taking anti-anxiety pills a night before the dentist’s appointment is advisable. Apart from this, avoid anticipating too much about what is going to happen. Meditate. It will help.
How to Overcome Dental Phobia?

The best way to overcome dental phobia is to educate yourself and your children. Even though you can't prevent the discomfort you may experience during a procedure, at least you know what will happen before hand and can sufficiently prepare yourself for what is about to happen. Dental phobia does not have to be a problem. Phobias can be addressed and dealt with by learning all you can and using the information to your advantage. Allow children to get to know their dentist. Adults can address their fears by asking questions and understanding how fears develop.


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