Does Invisalign® Work for Overbite Problems?

Many people may consider Invisalign® as merely a method for straightening teeth, rectifying crowded areas, and plugging gaps. However, with the advancement of dental treatment technologies, it is now regarded as a remedial approach to bite-related difficulties. Invisalign® offers excellent treatment for an overbite.

Read more to learn how effectively Invisalign® works for overbite problems:

  1. Invisalign® is a convenient and effective method to fix an overbite correctly, but it’s strongly recommended to begin the treatment at an early age.
  2. For the best results, begin treatment during jaw growth. The aligners get adjusted into your mouth flawlessly and are easy to remove.
  3. Invisalign® will allow you to attain a brighter smile without any discomfort, considering you’ll need fewer appointments and can consume your desired food!

What is an overbite?

An overbite can arise due to irregular bite patterns, which can cause your top teeth to tilt outward. The exact cause of overbite is unknown, but it is believed to be genetic; although some cases indicate unhealthy oral habits among children is a factor. Fortunately, advanced Invisalign® overbite treatment is available to fix an overbite successfully.

How do I know if I have an overbite?

Your "bite" denotes how your upper and lower teeth appear together. If the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth, it indicates you have an overbite. Many health problems can develop in people with a major overbite, so it is essential to fix this problem, to get the jaw and teeth alignment corrected.

How long does it take to correct an overbite?

  • If you suffer from an overbite, you can treat it with Invisalign®. However, the length of your treatment will depend on the severity of your overbite condition, which can be established by your dentist or orthodontist before commencing your treatment. Remember, Invisalign® work for overbite but there are other options as well.
  • Overbite surgery, medically known as “Orthognathic Surgery”, may be required for treating severe instances of overbite. It takes nearly three weeks to recover from an overbite surgery. Braces are often necessary before and after the surgery, meaning treatment can span over two to three years.

What does an overbite cause?

An overbite can significantly impact the general health and function of the smile, and perhaps even lead to some oral discomfort. A few problems caused by an overbite include:

  • Difficulties in chewing, biting, and eating
  • Speech issues
  • Tissue trauma
  • Increased chances of dental injury
  • Adversely affect facial structure

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How much does overbite surgery cost?

Patients paying out-of-pocket for an overbite surgery can often negotiate for concessions, by agreeing to make advance payments or paying within a definite time. Some medical schools occasionally provide overbite surgery at discounted costs.

  1. For patients protected by health insurance, standard out-of-pocket expenses could be as little as a $100 copay. If the permissible coverage is for only a percentage of the surgery, or there is capping on overbite surgery, charges could reach $5,000 or more.
  2. For patients without health insurance, the usual cost of overbite surgery is around $20,000- $40,000, which includes the regular fees of preliminary consultations, the surgeon's fee, facility and materials charges, and follow-up care.

Additionally, for the Invisalign® tray system, you may have to pay around $3,500-$8,000.

What Experts Say

Invisalign® work for overbite and it has successfully treated millions of cases. However, for a severe overbite condition, your orthodontist may recommend alternative treatments. This may involve jaw surgery and braces. You can make sure Invisalign® is suitable for your unique condition by scheduling a consultation with an expert dentist, today, at Reign Dental!


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