Facial Trauma and Oral Damage: Causes and Treatment

Facial and dental injuries are very upsetting because they’re not only physically painful but it also hurts emotionally. Facial injuries affect your appearance which can decrease your confidence level. In this article we have listed the most common causes of facial and dental injuries as well as a few helpful tips to avoid such occurrences. The article also covers the best treatments available to address the trauma from serious facial injuries and oral damages.

Let’s have a look at the causes of facial trauma and oral damage:

  • Falls or Slips:

Sometimes we aren’t paying attention and suddenly trip on something and fall. It can be caused due to slippery floors or poor shoes or just by losing our balance. At times such slips or falls are so bad that people may even harm their mouth or teeth. One should always watch their steps while walking and make the right choice in terms of shoes. Be careful while using stairs, avoid heels on uneven roads and floors, walk slowly on uneven path are few tips to prevent such slips and falls.

  • Injuries During Work

Working in industrial or construction sites makes one more prone to hazardous accidents. There are safety guidelines that must be followed by the employees working in such industry and environment. It's highly recommended to wear proper safety gears such as goggles, face mask, helmets to avoid serious injuries during work.

  • Accidental injuries

Road accidents are to be blamed for most facial injuries. Accidents can either be a collision of motor vehicles or a brakeless hit to a pedestrian or an unbalanced slide on the road. Injury caused by road accidents might be severe or it may be as little as small cuts and scratches. Therefore, it’s always advised to strictly follow the traffic rules and use safety measures when you’re on the road. Wear a helmet when riding a bike; wear your seat belt when driving a car and always watch your speed limit. These traffic safety rules have been designed only for our protection. If everyone follows these rules religiously, there will be a huge drop in road accidents.

  • Sports Injuries

Sports such as football, hockey and baseball are categorized as contact sports whereas boxing, karate, wrestling etc. are categorized as combat sports. Participation in any such sports increases the risk of facial injuries due to the nature of the game. The players need to be extremely careful even in the practice sessions. A little negligence can lead to major facial trauma or dental injury. It's strictly advised to wear proper headgear, facial protection, helmet and mouth guards before engaging in any kind of such sports.



  • Maxillofacial Treatment

Maxillofacial treatment is generally performed if there's any kind of injuries related to head, neck,   teeth, skin and jaw. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons first examine the injured patient to identify the region of trauma and injury. Maxillofacial regions are divided as:

  • Upper Face- comprises of the frontal bone and frontal sinus.
  • Middle Face- comprises of the nasal, ethmoid, zygomatic and maxillary bones.
  • Lower face— comprises of the mandible, the jawbone that helps open the mouth

If the bones are broken, the patient may find it difficult to breathe speak or swallow food. The facial fractures are treated in the same way a fractured leg is treated. For any complex maxillofacial cases where there are multiple facial injuries, multiple incisions are made to fix the bones with wiring and plating techniques. Similarly other affected areas are treated as per their severity. While performing these treatments, oral and maxillofacial specialists try their best to keep the patient's face minimally affected from the surgery to avoid scars.

Prevention is always better than the cure

Although there are advanced treatments available to repair facial injuries and oral damages, it’s always better to take preventative measures to avoid any kind of aforementioned accidents.

Note- In case of any such incident, contact your nearest hospital as soon as possible and ask for consultation by a maxillofacial surgeon.

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