Gummy Smile: What Are the Causes and Treatment Options?

A gummy smile exposes three millimeters or more of gum tissues under the upper lip, whereas a typical smile shows two millimeters or less of gum tissues. A gummy smile can adversely affect the overall aesthetics of your smile. More women suffer from this condition than men. However, it can be corrected through suitable treatment options.

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What Causes a Gummy Smile Condition?

Some gummy smile causes include:

  • A short or hyperactive upper lip
  • Long or enlarged gums, known as gingival hypertrophy
  • The shape and size of the teeth can result in a gummy smile
  • Excessive growth of the upper jaw, known as vertical maxillary excess, can expose more gum tissue

Treatment Options for Gummy Smile

Gummy smile treatment options vary depending on the causes and include:

  • If the teeth or jaw cause a gummy smile, it can be corrected with orthodontics. This treatment includes adjusting the position of the teeth and making the gums appear less prominent.
  • For moderate to severe jaw protrusion, an orthognathic or jaw surgery along with orthodontic treatment is performed. The surgeon will reshape your jaw and secure it with plates and screws.
  • For small teeth, crowns or veneers are placed for improving the tooth-to-gum ratio by making the teeth appear longer.
  • For addressing excessive display of gum tissue, a gingivectomy procedure is used. It helps to remove excessive gum tissue and reshapes gums to make the teeth more prominent.
  • A crown-lengthening surgery is performed if an irregular eruption of teeth causes a gummy smile. In this procedure, the bone and/or extra gum tissue is removed to make the teeth more visible.
  • A short or hyperactive upper lip that causes a gummy smile can be corrected through a lip repositioning surgery. Then, followed by orthodontic treatment.
  • If the extra gum tissue is the problem, a professional may recommend laser gum contouring to make the teeth more prominent.
  • Botox is a cost-effective treatment for correcting problems in your upper lip, but its results are temporary and last 3 to 4 months.

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Some FAQs on Gummy Smile

How Much Does It Cost to Correct a Gummy Smile?

The cost required to fix a gummy smile varies depending on the individual conditions, type of treatment, and gum line that needs treatment.

Can a Gummy Smile Be Fixed?

A gummy smile can be fixed with non-invasive or invasive surgeries or treatments depending on the cause or severity of the condition.

Does Invisalign Help Gummy Smile?

Invisalign can help correct a gummy smile if the position of your jaw and teeth are making your gums appear more prominent.

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