A Guide to Pull Out a Loose Tooth Without Pain

If your child has a loose tooth, let it fall out on its own. However, if you want to pull out a loose tooth, you can follow some tips to make sure that the process is painless. If you can't pull the loose tooth easily, it's best that you visit a dentist for help.

Here are some easy ways to pull out a loose tooth without any pain:

  1. Wiggle the loose tooth
  2. Rub oral analgesic
  3. Let your child eat hard and crunchy foods
  4. Floss in between the tooth and the gum line
  5. Pull it out using a gauze
  6. Use clean tweezers to wiggle free
  7. Visit a dentist if the loose tooth won't come out easily

Follow this guide to get a loose tooth out fast and painlessly:

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1. Wiggle the Tooth

Encourage your child to wiggle the loose tooth using their tongue or fingers. They can wiggle it throughout the day until the loose tooth falls out but they should make sure that wiggling it is not causing any discomfort.

2. Rub Oral Analgesic

If wiggling the loose tooth is causing some pain or your child is afraid of pulling out his loose tooth, you can numb the area using some oral analgesic. You can also give them a pain medication if they are very anxious about pulling their loose tooth.

3. Try Hard and Crunchy Foods

Give your child some hard and crunchy foods to bite on. Hard and crunchy foods like apples, carrots, celery will help loosen up the tooth. However, you should make sure that it is not causing any pain or hurting the gums.

4. Floss the Teeth

Floss is the best way to pull out a loose tooth when it is very loose but won't come out on its own. So, ask your child to place the floss in between the loose tooth and its neighboring tooth. Using a back and forth motion, try to curve the floss at the bottom of the loose tooth.

5. Use Sterile Gauze

If your child's tooth is loose enough to be pulled out without any pain, use a piece of sterile gauze to hold the tooth and twist it to pull it out easily. Next, use back and forth and left-to-right movements while twisting the loose tooth to remove any existing tissue that keeps the tooth and gum attached.

6. Use Tweezers

Using clean tweezers to wiggle the loose tooth is the best and painless way to pull out a loose tooth. If it doesn't come out easily, don't apply more force, leave the tooth in its place and try the process again after a few days.

7. Visit a Dentist

If the tooth is not coming out easily or causing your child some pain, take him to a dentist who can pull out the loose tooth painlessly using the right technique. They use an anesthetic so that your child does not feel any pain.

Aftercare Tips for Pulled Out Tooth

Having a tooth pulled out can be quite painful. It's common to find a little blood in the pulled out tooth spot. Distract your child from the pain and blood by making them believe that the tooth fairy will visit them. Follow these aftercare tips to help reduce the pain and discomfort.

  • Apply pressure to the gums with sterile gauze to stop the bleeding.
  • After the bleeding stops, check for baby tooth fragments that may be embedded in the gums. Visit a dentist if there are some tooth fragments as they can cause further dental problems.
  • If your child feels any pain or you find redness in the gum area, take him or her to a dentist.

Finally, if you find that pulling out a loose tooth is complex and may require some professional help, it's best to see a dentist near you. Visit Reign Dental offices in Seattle, Shoreline or Milton, WA for painless tooth extraction services. Make an appointment with us today!

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