10 Reasons to Choose an Oral Surgery Specialist in Washington

Being recommended to an oral surgeon can induce a bit of anxiety. However, choosing the right oral surgery specialist can help remove that anxiety straightaway. It isn’t always simple to locate an oral surgeon within your close proximity. You can try to narrow down your search for an oral surgery specialist in Washington area by searching online.

What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is acknowledged among the dentistry’s nine specialty domains by the American Dental Association. It covers the diagnosis, surgical, and combined treatment of diseases, trauma, and disorders related to the functional and aesthetic features of the head and neck areas.

What Does an Oral Surgery Specialist Do?

Previously referred to as Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons are dental specialists. They are surgically skilled in a hospital-based residency course alongside medical residents, concentrating on the complications of the physical structures, particularly related to the mouth and jaw.

Skills of an oral surgeon may include the following:

  • Extracting diseased and impacted teeth
  • Placing dental implants
  • Treating facial trauma
  • Evaluating pathological conditions
  • Alleviating facial pain
  • Execute reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • Execute orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery
  • Offering surgical treatment for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)

Why Choose Oral Surgery Specialist in Washington?

Choosing an oral surgeon is a very significant thing. Regardless of your oral surgery treatment, it's vital to find an efficient, superior quality professional. The extent of patient's appreciation for the quality of the practice is measured by the excellent reviews and testimonials given by the satisfied patients. You can get numerous options for such quality oral surgery specialists in Washington area. Read on to get a clear understanding of exactly why you should choose oral surgery specialists in Washington.

1. Best Possible “Dental Chair” Experience

Oral surgeons are empathetic towards their patient's dental anxiety because they know surgery can be an overall scary and intimidating experience for them, especially the first-timers. They always ensure to make their patient's experience a positive one by offering them the ultimate comfort and a compassionate care, throughout their stay in the dental office.

2. Patient-Centered Approach

Oral surgery specialists in Washington are committed to helping patients attain the best treatment results by working hard towards making their patients understand their treatment goals. Regardless of the issue, the oral surgeons will focus on putting in extra efforts on each individual patient to guarantee excellent outcomes, throughout their treatment journey.

3. Board Certified and Experienced Oral Surgeons

It's common knowledge that general dentists and oral surgeons simply perform two different roles in the treatment procedures. Many people get their oral surgery procedures done by general dentists. However, oral surgery specialists in Washington feel that it’s essential that oral surgeries are performed only by board-certified oral surgeons.

4. Efficient Service to Value Patient's Time

While oral surgery specialists of Washington are highly accommodating in handling client's questions or concerns, they are also efficient. The scientifically devised system in place, at the oral surgery centers, allow an effective balance between personalized care and the shortest possible time frame to get the job completed because of the oral surgery specialists of Washington value each individual's time and needs.

5. Sufficient Personalized Attention During Consultation

The one-on-one consultations practice with the oral surgery specialists in Washington will let you have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to the surgeons because it helps the patients in understanding their options better! As a part of the unparalleled patient experience with the oral surgery specialists in Washington, you are offered sufficient time for your consultation without getting pressured or rushed into anything.

6. Diverse and Legit Sedation Options

At the oral surgery centers in Washington, all sedation is licensed. The oral surgery specialists in Washington offer appropriate options to their patients after thoroughly discussing the pros and cons of each recommended options. The specialists take full measures to ensure that the patients are sedated as required, but also want them to feel at ease with the sedation process.

7. Experienced to Handle Emergencies During Operations

The oral surgery specialists in Washington are resourceful to effectively handle emergencies that may arise before surgery. They have the required experience, knowledge, and clarity to manage the crisis situations in a calm, methodical way. Since experience is the key to getting your peace of mind during any surgical procedure, you can rely on the oral surgery specialists in Washington.

8. Advanced On-site Tools and Equipment

Advanced surgical tools and other equipment like on-site CT scanner allows the oral surgery specialists in Washington quick and easy access to imaging required for better diagnosis and treatment. The specialists aim to equip themselves with sufficient information in order to have better communication with patients and offer them the most suitable treatment possible.

9. Control Potential Problem of Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is a grave problem in the United States. At the oral surgery centers in Washington, the oral surgeons want to offer you with the pain alleviation you need but in a responsible manner. They take good measures to prescribe pain medications after surgery that are risk-free.

10. Research Oriented Treatment Considerations

The non-embryonic stem cells from your wisdom teeth are being studied at the oral surgery centers in Washington to find the cure for a variety of oral health conditions. The research so far on the benefits of stem cells derived from wisdom teeth is very promising. Stem cell “banking” can help in curing the many diseases and medical conditions, down the line, in the coming years.

You can experience compassionate, expert care for your oral surgery needs from the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons at Reign Dental offices in the Shoreline and Milton area of Washington. You can contact our Milton office at (253) 927-5501 or our Shoreline office at (206) 946-6471 or you can make use of our online appointment form to schedule your appointment with us today.


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