How Reign Dental Ensures a Great Patient Experience

A good dental care provider realizes that apart from the right diagnosis and treatment of various dental issues, it's also about providing a great customer satisfaction by getting their voices heard that can bring the smile on their patients' faces and win their trust and loyalty forever. At Reign Dental facility in Shoreline and Milton, King County, WA, our team directs all their efforts toward achieving this by providing a best in class diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of dental health problems, a warm customer/patient service, and by installing a proper system in place that lets you talk with us about any issues that you may have faced.

How We Actually Ensure Your Voices Get Heard

We truly understand the need of a two-way interaction between patients and the healthcare provider for regular improvements to achieve a flawless service and system. For that, we have a software interface based process installed at our facility that lets us keep a track of both, how you are interacting with us and how well our staffs are providing their services to you.

The process works by integrating patient service with patient experience and satisfaction. This way it helps you interact with us whenever you feel like so. So, if you had any issues regarding any aspect of our service, such as form filling, getting an appointment, the kind of diagnosis and treatment you received, or even having any kind of issues with our clinic staffs on phone or at our dental clinics with King County locations in Shoreline and Milton, WA, our process allows you to raise your concern that reaches back to the relevant people.

It's only by understanding how you feel while interacting with us, we can work on improving each and any aspect of our dental care service for you and win your trust and loyalty forever. With all that our process has to offer, we can assure you that it's working well in understanding what our patients want from us.


Reign Dental

Reign Dental is one of the most sought after dental care providers in Seattle area to offer complete dental care. We are among a few dental clinics that provide a wide range of dentistry services including oral & maxillofacial surgery, TMJ treatment, Botox, orthodontics, periodontics and all other advanced dental solutions. Highly professional dentists working with us specialize in dental implants, bone grafting, smile makeover and oral surgery. We are well-known for our safe and patient-specific care approach. We offer affordable and quality dental care services. We make sure that our customers walk out of our clinic with a big beautiful smile.

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