Things to Know Before Undergoing Botox Treatment for TMD

It is quite common in the US to see people suffering from problems in their jaw joints which are popularly known as temporomandibular disorders (TMDs). It is very uncomfortable and painful. Doctors often recommend the Botox treatment ease discomfort. Botox is given in small doses which helps in alleviating some health problems and have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for a few disorders. Dental experts are still not sure about the effects of Botox in relieving TMD pain and apart from that, there are other risks as well which must be taken into consideration.

There are 4 major factors you must consider before opting for this treatment.

  • Understanding of Anatomy— It is important to have a detailed understanding of the face, neck and cranium for Botox treatment. It is crucial for successful therapeutic treatment with Botox. Without the complete understanding of facial muscles, neck and head, their vascularization and innervation, the patient’s safety could be compromised.
  • Thorough Understanding of Botox Mechanisms— It is very important to understand the primary, secondary and tertiary mechanisms of Botox, so that they can be effectively used in the treatment.
  • Use of EMG Analytics — EMG or electromyographs should be incorporated while treating a patient with Botox. It can evaluate and record the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. EMG results can detect nerve dysfunction, muscle dysfunction and any problem with nerve-to-muscles signal transmission. If you are not using EMG, you are treating a patient blindly.
  • Record Keeping — Keeping and analyzing records is a very crucial aspect of treatment. EMG reports, before & after treatment photographs of the patient, etc. will result in improved patient care.

Pros and Cons of the Botox Treatment   Pros:

  • Botox treatment provides immediate relief.
  • It can restore normal facial expressions.


  • Botox is a toxin and has some major side effects.
  • Using Botox for TMJ is not a permanent solution. It's like a band-aid which wears off over time. After some time, you start experiencing the pain again.
  • It makes the face oval with more defined cheekbones. These appearances make people use Botox over and over again. People should not forget that it has some serious side effects.

It would be better to consult your dentist before you make up your mind for a Botox treatment for TMD. Weigh each and every aspect before making a decision. Reign Dental is a trusted and renowned dental clinic in Washington. We treat patients of TMJ/TMD with Botox. To make a wise decision regarding this treatment, please call us at (206) 946-6471.

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