Teeth Shift with Age: How to Stop Teeth from Shifting?

As you age, your body changes in many ways. The mouth and teeth are no exception. The natural alignment of your teeth can be altered by several things. The structure of your mouth and the health of your soft tissues will determine whether or not your teeth shift out of place.

Here are some of the reasons why teeth shift and some teeth shifting treatments that will stop your teeth from shifting:

  • Periodontal Disease and Structural Changes

    Bacteria that grow in the mouth cause periodontal disease. The bacteria can begin to adversely affect the soft tissues and gums. This can cause the gums to recede and the muscles in the mouth to relax. Over time, these structural changes may result in your teeth shifting out of place.

    Solution: Visiting the dentist regularly will help spot these shifting teeth symptoms before they become a major problem. Your dentist can begin to formulate a treatment plan that prevents bacteria overgrowth and slows down the loss of gum tissue.

  • Missing Teeth

    Your teeth rest next to one another with just enough pressure to hold each one place. If you lose a tooth, the teeth on either side of the empty space no longer have an abutment to hold them in place. This allows them to shift towards the open space.

    Solution: Having a dental implant inserted in place of the missing tooth holds the surrounding teeth in place and also helps to nurture positive bone growth in the jaw.

  • Gaps

    The gaps can make your teeth shift. Generally, gaps in your teeth can be caused naturally or by the loss of a tooth. Moreover, when a muscle in front of your mouth relaxes as you age, it causes gaps between teeth. Oral habits like tongue thrusting and bite collapse due to back teeth loss can also cause gaps.

    Solution: Surgeons use dental implants to replace a missing tooth and veneers to fix the gap between teeth. Veneers are made of porcelain and shaped to fit the space that needs to be filled. Each veneer is tinted to match the nearby teeth, making it almost impossible to detect.

  • Overlapping Teeth

    Some people's mouths may be too small for their teeth causing overcrowding and making them shift. As you age, your jaw bone changes, which can cause your teeth to become overcrowded. When your teeth become overcrowded, they may begin to overlap and shift.

    Solution: Dentist can use orthodontics and various types of braces to straighten your teeth and bring them back into proper alignment. The severity of the overlap will determine what path is taken when it comes to the choice of braces.

  • Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)

    People who deal with high levels of stress often grind their teeth when they sleep. As they age, this can pose a variety of problems including teeth shift issues.

    Solution: Nightguards are often recommended for those who grind their teeth at night so they can sleep comfortably. A nightguard protects the teeth from breaking or being worn down over time.

Final Thoughts

If the structure of your mouth changes and your teeth begin to move out of their natural alignment, the staff of Reign Dental can restore them to their natural position. If you have questions about teeth shifting issues and the treatments, call or schedule your annual checkup with Reign Dental office and get the answers you need for a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile! Our Shoreline dentist Dr. Michael Caparas and Milton dentists Dr. Dennis Hopkins, as well as Dr. Bowman Shin, brings state-of-the-art dental care to our office locations near you.


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