Wisdom Tooth Removal Aftercare: Dietary Handbook

Having your wisdom teeth removed might seem like a scary thought, but nearly 85% of people have had them removed either during childhood or adulthood. For many, wisdom tooth grow in straight while for others, it may grow in the sideways impacting the other teeth. The growth of wisdom teeth depends on several factors. When they grow straight, the dentists can easily pull it out whereas when they have grown sideways, the dentist needs to perform oral surgery.

Whatever may be the case, the recovery process after the removal of wisdom teeth takes some time to heal. It also takes time for the discomfort to subside. Typically, the face and the jaw are swollen and the mouth becomes sore after the removal of wisdom teeth.

To avoid any strain on your oral structure during the recovery and healing period, you must follow certain dietary guidelines. It’s not any major surgical process, yet you should take good care for quick healing. You should try to stay away from overly hot and overly hard drinks and food. However, you should take a nutritious diet to keep yourself energetic and active throughout the day as well as for quick recovery.

Here a handy guide on the types of foods you should consider sticking with for the first few days of the wisdom tooth removal:

  1. Apple Sauce: Not only is applesauce healthy, but it requires no chewing, which makes it perfect for tooth removal.
  2. Jell-O or Pudding: Whether you like it jiggly and soft or creamy, both Jell-O and pudding are great options to consider and they will keep your sweet tooth in check.
  3. Soup: It’s best to stick with options where you won't have to chew a lot, like butternut squash soup or even just chicken broth itself. Make sure it’s not too hot!
  4. Smoothies: Make delicious smoothies for breakfast or snacks with your choice of fruits or vegetables. Blend your favorite fruits with yogurt and also add some protein powder to it. Your power-packed meal is ready.
  5. Scrambled Eggs: If you want something a little more filling, try scrambled eggs. These usually have to be chewed, but if you just had your wisdom out you can smash them up with a form to allow for less chewing. Skip the pepper.
  6. Mashed Potatoes: Everyone’s favorite when they are sick. Mashed potatoes, especially the instant ones, are super easy to make — and quick, and yet they offer some nutrition and will satiate your need for food.
  7. Oatmeal: Oatmeal mixed with whole milk is another great breakfast option after wisdom teeth removal. Soaked well in the milk, oatmeal will provide enough nutrition without straining your gums.
  8. Yogurt: Yogurt is another super healthy and helpful food to consider when you’re trying to heal up. It’s good for your diet, and yet easy to swallow.

Stay away from spicy foods, hot (temperature) foods and anything that is citrus. Don’t worry though; this will only be your diet for the next few days. Afterward, when you start to feel better you can go back to eating what you normally would. To avoid future complications, contact your dentist if you feel pain, bad breath or other symptoms.

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