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Digital Xray

Digital X-rays Service in the Seattle area, Shoreline & Milton, WA

Digital dental X-rays, also known as dental radiography allow dentists to diagnose problems in teeth, gums, and mouth that aren't visible to the naked eyes. It is one of the essential new advances that dentists have seen in quite some time. Presently, only 30% of all dental offices are using this dental technology. However, digital radiography is gradually gaining steam among professional dentistry community.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays

  • Digital X-rays are considered extremely safe. Also, it gives 70 percent less exposure to radiation.
  • Unlike film, Digital dental X-rays is immediately prepared to diagnose dental problems like an area of decay in between teeth and bone loss, cracks in filling, changes in the root canals etc.
  • It produces extra-large pictures to better source hard-to-see cavities.
  • Even though, it's expensive to buy initially, is cheaper and more useful in the long run.

Reign Dental is a cutting-edge practitioner providing patients with the highest level dental services and care possible. Incorporating cutting-edge-technology such as digital radiography (digital dental X-rays) allows us to provide you with the best diagnostic treatment available in the professional dental community.

Please, do not hesitate to discuss your need for digital dental X-rays with us. We at Reign Dental offices near the Seattle area, Shoreline and Milton, WA give our best to protect and improve your oral health.

Ask us if dental X-rays are right for you? Please call our Milton office at (253) 927-5501 or our Shoreline office at (206) 946-6471.


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