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Dental Clean

Inexpensive Dental Exams & Cleanings in Shoreline, Seattle & Milton, WA

Regular dental exam and cleanings are an important part of preventive dental health care. If you want to protect your oral health as well as general well-being, you must visit a dental office for a dental exam at intervals determined by your dentist. Dental exams allow your dentist to diagnose your oral health problems and guide you on taking good care of your dental health. Exams are vital in detecting any oral health problems early – when they are most treatable.

During your initial visit to Reign Dental, our dentist or hygienist will perform a comprehensive dental health examination, including the following:

  • Diagnostic Examination – We'll perform a deep dental cleaning as well as take X-rays of your full mouth for detection of decay, tumors, cysts, bone loss and other dental diseases. Digital dental X-rays allow us to plan treatment for cavities, root canal surgery, dental implants, bone grafting, etc.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – Our dentist will check the face, neck, throat, tongue, lips, gums, and other tissues for any clues of oral cancer. Identifying oral cancer early, when there's a greater chance for successful treatment is important.
  • Tooth Health Examination – Our dental experts will check surfaces of your tooth and suggest a treatment plan, if there's any sign of tooth decay, wear, erosion, fractures etc. It also includes an examination of existing restorations to evaluate your need for tooth restoration or replacement of crowns, filling, etc.
  • Dental Impression – In some cases, the dentist at Reign Dental might recommend making a dental impression of one or both jaws to produce a replica of your teeth and oral tissues. An impression can be used to evaluate your bite, make a mouth guard, or bleaching tray for you.

Deep Dental Cleaning

Professionals at Reign Dental may also perform deep dental cleaning (aka dental prophylaxis). Usually, a cleaning appointment includes a dental exam in addition to the following:

  • We will remove tartar from your gum line using special dental instruments.
  • Our professionals will also remove plaque.
  • Our teeth polishing procedures will get rid of stains and plaque that aren't otherwise cleaned during brushing or scaling.

It's important to know that dental exams are different from initial examinations. After the dental exam, we will let you know what the issue is and will advise you to take the necessary treatments. It may also include routine dental check-up appointments for the next few months.

Why Choose Reign Dental Offices for Dental Exam & Cleanings

Reign Dental is a cutting-edge dental practice based in Shoreline, Seattle and Milton, WA. We are a team of the best Shoreline and Milton dentists and hygienists. We are committed to providing quality and affordable dental care to our patients.

We work with most insurance providers and offer in-house financing options to minimize your out of pocket expenses. Schedule an appointment today!

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