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Facelift dentistry near me

Facelift Dentistry in Shoreline, Milton & Seattle area

Are you worried about the changes in your facial appearance that have occurred due to aging? Luckily, a non-surgical dental facelift can help you achieve a much desired ‘facial update’ in the lower one third of your face.

Usually, many people are not aware that a lot of dental issues can accelerate the effect of the aging process. As teeth wear down or fall off, facial lines and wrinkles become more noticeable, causing you to appear older. This may even make your facial structure shorter, which causes your skin to sag. Some of us with bite disorders may also be more susceptible to aging because of the improper placement of chin and jaw.

What Is Facelift in Dentistry

Facelift in dentistry is a noninvasive compared to more comprehensive cosmetic treatments like surgical facelifts and injectable fillers. Patients frequently undergo a facelift at a dental office to achieve a more youthful and healthy appearance.

How the Dental Facelift Works

The aging process naturally impacts your facial features, causes wrinkles, and reduces facial volume. Through facelift in dentistry, cosmetic dentists improve the facial structure without surgery, ultimately decreasing signs of aging along the face. Specialists can construct natural-looking and lasting results with a dental facelift.

Here, your full cosmetic makeover can usually be completed in two office appointments. It helps enhance your appearance without the pain or lengthy treatment time associated with other major invasive procedures.

Are You a Candidate?

For a dental facelift procedure, the cosmetic dentist will first review the shape of your face to determine your eligibility for the procedure. They will consider all elements that may impact your smile and facial structure, such as age, lip volume, skin tone, and size and position of your teeth.

Benefits of Dental Facelift

Cosmetic dentists use this non-surgical facelift method to improve your facial appearance, and function by addressing the following areas of concern:

  • Even out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Restore the aesthetics of the lips and cheeks
  • Create a stronger jawline
  • Enhance speech through improved teeth structure
  • Improve comfort by restoring bite coordination
  • Relieve TMJ & TMD disorders

Why Choose Us

When your facial appearance seems too old for your age as a result of certain teeth disorders, be assured that it can be restored through non-surgical facelift at our dental office. Our cosmetic dentistry expert will review your case to assess whether facelift through dentistry is suitable for you. If facelift dental services are right for you then this painless and noninvasive cosmetic technique will help you get the smile and the youthful appearance you’ve always wanted.

Get a facelift in the dental office without undergoing surgery. Call us today at 206-946-6471 (Milton) or 253-927-5501 (Shoreline) to book a consultation or fill the online appointment form to learn more about the facelift treatment and its cost.

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