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Onlay Restorations in Shoreline and Milton, WA

Onlay Restorations in Shoreline and Milton, WA

We provide high-quality onlay restorations to restore your teeth to its normal shape and health. Our dental teams in Shoreline and Milton, WA offer precisely customized onlay restorations to match your specific dental needs. Along with creating a beautiful smile, providing you with the most comfortable and improved restorative treatment is our priority.

What Are Onlay Restorations?

Onlay restorations are custom-made fillings that are made of gold, composite material, or tooth-colored porcelain. They are also called partial crowns. Onlays are used to repair your teeth that are too damaged to be restored with fillings but don't require a dental crown. They are cemented onto your tooth to preserve the natural structure of the tooth and keep your smile healthy.

Onlays are a better alternative to dental crowns. While preparing for onlays, less natural structure of your tooth is removed. Onlays are similar to inlays except that one or more of the chewing cusps have been affected and need to be restored.

Onlays are durable and can last for years but they are not permanent and may require replacement.

Why Do You Need Onlay Restorations?

Onlay restorations are required in the following situations:

  • Broken or injured teeth
  • Damaged or decayed teeth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Cosmetic improvement

Our Onlay Restoration Procedure

Our onlay restoration procedure is usually done in two appointments. In the first appointment, our dentists will take highly accurate impressions that are used to create custom onlays and temporary restorations. They will numb your tooth to remove any decay or old filling, thoroughly clean the space, and shape the surface to fit the onlay properly.

In your second appointment, the new onlay is carefully cemented onto your affected tooth. Few adjustments will be made to ensure that the new onlay fits properly and your bite is comfortable.

We provide care instructions to properly take care of your new onlay. Following a proper diet, maintaining good oral hygiene habits, and visiting your dentist regularly helps in extending the life of your onlay.

Why Choose Us

We use modern improved techniques to help you restore your teeth with onlay restorations. Our dental team strives to provide quality care and exceed patients' expectations. We will help you create a customized treatment plan according to your specific dental goals.

Call us at (253) 927-5501 (Milton Office) or (206) 946-6471 (Shoreline office) to schedule your appointment with the expert team at Reign Dental for highly aesthetic results from your dental treatments.

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