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Thank you for choosing Reign Dental Centers. We strive to provide the best in class dental care service to our patients, which starts with an easy and fast appointment request process.

All you are required is to complete and submit the online form given below. We'll contact you within one (1) business day at the phone number provided by you to confirm your final appointment date and time. PLEASE NOTE: We can't always guarantee the time you select. Please wait to hear from us.

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Financing Options

We offer a 0% or low-interest financing option with comprehensive payment terms, that's instantly approved and covers any dental treatment or procedure.


We closely work with various insurance providers to maximize the coverage of your insurance plan benefits for minimizing the out-of-pocket expenses.

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We make your online appointment experience even greater on your smartphone. It's 24/7 available, and can be accessed from anywhere.

We will make every attempt possible to get you the appointment date you requested.

This form is just for requesting an appointment and submitting does not confirm it will be booked at that date/time. We will contact you to determine the exact appointment time. Call the office for changing or canceling an existing appointment for avoiding any cancellation penalties.