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Sleep Appliances

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Shoreline (Seattle area) & Milton, WA

There are a number of Anti-Snore devices that help people who have trouble sleeping or snoring that disturbs their sleep. One of the traditional sleep devices used is called a CPAP. But many people seek a less intrusive and more comfortable solution.

A dental oral appliance may be the solution if you have mild to moderate sleep apnoea and/or snoring. Mild to moderate sleep apnea occurs because of obstruction of the airways when lying down.

Oral appliances come in many different styles. There is the ‘one size fits all’ mouth guard such as a night guard. These are designed to treat only snoring. Custom mouthpieces such as the (TAP) or Herbst device are used to improve upper airway flow but there are many devices to choose from. Custom dental appliances are designed to enlarge the airway and to keep the upper airway open.

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