Teeth Whitening in Shoreline

Teeth Whitening in Shoreline, Seattle & Milton, WA

You can make your teeth sparkling, white and beautiful! A bright smile makes anyone feel better and look better too. Your teeth are exposed to many stain causing materials like liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine, tobacco if you use it, even certain vegetables.

As we age we become even more vulnerable to stains as our tooth enamel tends to become thinner and provides less protection.

In-office whitening allows your dentist to use a more powerful whitening gel. A specialized light or laser activates the gel and allows bleaching to happen faster.

Our in-office whitening usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. You may need more than 1 appointment if your stains are severe. Different types of stains respond differently to the treatment. Your dentist will apply a substance that covers and protects the gums around your teeth. Then, the whitening agent is applied on the teeth. Laser lights are then applied to activate the gel substance that is on the teeth. And, voila, beautiful white teeth! Ask about improving your smile.

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